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Colour of Ka Luochi dazzle wraps a bag to wave fashionable wind
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The person wants garment, Buddha to want golden outfit, want handsome, come to the foot all over fittings cannot careless. Japanese all along is the index that drives Asian popular trend, the every act of Japanese tide becomes Taiwan vogue gens to join the target of copy eagerly. The mad package that type of a dazzle wind fashions in Japan at the beginning of this year wraps upsurge, model male model female people emerge in succession street scare buying, complete because of its unique brand character, represented this year most the design trend of In, what kind of bag be after all can the bag let person leakage night queue up, 10 point to move greatly, to can you have it?

Fashionable, it is to changing with changeless between arrange combination, nostalgic circulate with what a new scintilla collides between innovation, a lot of people are confused in numerous and popular element follow net, blindly from, close completely according to sheet even, want essence of life to master definitely only actually shed a focal point when season, with respect to the ego that can show the brightest look easily. Chen Zilan of vise general manager represents district of Ka Luochi Taiwan, wrap packet of meeting to be gone to by classify before fittings, but present popular trend already reverse the position of the host and the guest, bag bag reduces minor role no longer, the hand takes can dash forward the bag that shows the integral modelling, result that make the finishing point, it is the amounts to people defeat sb by a surprise action secret weapon that goes in vogue most advanced! Grasp the brand spirit of “Color Your World” of the good quality that maintaining persistent other people to exceed a value, ceaseless innovation, crocs Ka Luochi continues the romantic and candied wind that Chun Xia blows this year.

Portable bag buckles color of Ka Luochi dazzle closely popular this year VIVID Style, rich 10-11 is planted color, the colour that makes leap vivid makes the visual central point with tie-in whole, grant the person is handsome the superexcellent impression that does not break character charm again; High mallow (the grain of cane of leaf of flowers and plants with Aoi) Oriental full-bodied flavour, butterfly is spent (the copy leather finishing of the collect inside Ayame) elegance, it is to conform Xia Qiu sheds an agitation defeat beautiful sheet to taste surely. Its special place depends on whole using Crocs shoe money to be made character with material, quality of a material deft, capacity is big, convenient carry waterproof, maintain means needs simply to be wiped with clear water only, also need not worry about packet of Bao Yongjiu again the problem of can smudgy fade, bag body has 22 holes opening, jibbitz of OK and free adornment will develop ego style, make you handsome ” of relaxed “ bag wears coloured.
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