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Samsonite OBAG can delay case as what you boil everywhere
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Box bag of Xin Xiuli and umbrella are us a lot of editorial love most, again good nevertheless pull box to also have drawback. Resemble often be being made up last when going to the United States, wrap with quadrate big case break up from step together, the reason is box the bag is too heavy, often make up too feeble, cannot procrastinate again on step move. Samsonite is in after be informed this message the case that ordered stylist Rooz Mousavi to design this to be called OBAG for a short while is wrapped.

Xin Xiuli OBAG is whole it is a “O BAG” , whole casing shows a circle, the rubber of the brim is equivalent to tire, can whole rolls on the ground, also can procrastinate on stair move. Its or so two side can be opened respectively, toward inside put a thing, all of lock of drawbar, password is provided complete. Besides it still has unit of a brake, lest be put on brae,oneself roll. Seeing this OBAG still thinks first is the Segway of Mini version, think then, if design this follow Segway confluence, pull box to change vehicle, is the life a few better?

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