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Big shop sign of 08 autumn winters loves red Huang La madly
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The evening dress of GUCCI, contain deep-sea blue sober.

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The elegant demeanour that T stage has deduced lets person adore, the spot of star sets an example to appear a bit truer again, we see “ red, yellow, blue ” , see more wonderful more.

The classical coat of CHANEL, the calm that shirt-sleeve earth color fastens and aureate costly.

Pink with aureate (gules department and yellow are) collision calls a person impression unforgettable.

GUCCI is on news briefing of its Qiu Dong, show the marrow of evening dress, the small waist that line appears in all is velvet deduced a century with ceremonial robe or dress of silk of crepe de Chine the peerless elegance and talent of 20 time, although black, deep blue be its advocate the department that make scene, but red and blue also occupy position, and stylist allows gules department and earth expression ably is collision, produce delicate chemistry: Contain the gem like colorful embroidery and painted eggshell, the plant design like art and soft spic edge more the administrative levels touch that added to abound. All these shine because of colorific beautiful and appear absorbing all the more. Of course richly line of embroider collocation gold, sheet metal, aureate tassel and exquisite are acted the role of bead, the ornament is between lightsome and elegant silk skirt cuff or the waist of jacket shears fine hair, all without exception calls person view to flow even. Humeral ministry and lap are richly bejewelled be enveloped, aureate and globose rivet is enchased wrapping bag, boots or billfold gram to go up. And in recent years the PRADA that acute meaning innovates, the bud silk series that roll out, also do not forget to serve as stunt with colour, earth color is fastened (dumb light is aureate) it is its basically design fountainhead, of supplement bud silk showily, show thick city flavour.

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