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The tie-in be anxious that still wrapping for the bag? Beauty of a few beautiful
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The white-collars that are in flourishing city personally hope to be put in the solution in daily and busy footstep, or change as pink young woman, or change body vogue demon, or change as pure angel, beautiful illusion is to be able to come true, beautiful the first pace begins from choice bag bag ……

The bag wraps contemporary feeling elegance to expert

What the Jing that cannot be described with the language admires is fiery, dazzling and dazzing glorious, faint FION LOGO, exquisite is coriaceous adornment, half moon modelling, such handbag bag lets you fondle admiringly! Passionate red, send out self-confident glamour.

Light blue deck is elegant

Hang adorn, burnish, the metal buckles adornment, rivet, become most IN beauty includes indispensable fashionable element, light blue, send out the grace of ooze person, fashionable wind model.

Simple sense of coat of paint shines colorfully beautiful

Rustic, dim bag bag is won't somebody likes, the making craft of coat of paint shines to wrap Bao Beitian lustre, metallic annulus is buckled, rivet, the ornament that condole acts the role of, it is good to let bland bag bag become it seems that, white and aureate, brush a whiteness, glaring beautiful Li Guangmang.

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