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The envelope includes 08 fall advocate hit tide to include a fund (1)
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New season comes, the hand that this kind of Bao Ruxin seals took a bag to become the tide of this season fashion group to be bestowed favor on newly, it although not as good as the late banquet bag of spar of compose full water is general and colorful high-key, but the circumstance that it is spell able and classic body form makes it OK be in each differring however cuts a figure. Chanel, LV, Bulgari, classical style regards the black that rolls out oneself expert in succession as new season advocate hit sheet to taste, and the blackish green with autumn abundant meaning and modena envelope bag, also saying to go up is the another big popular trend of this season.





  Pure black envelope wraps rich details to bring be puzzled of new season evil spirit

If you want to look for bag of a bag to let your figure,appear green and fashionable and professional Taoist priest, so this kind flat flat black hand clip is the most appropriate do not pass. But the black envelope of this one season wraps slam the door before majestic and depressing, the nifty beauty that brings black with luxuriant detail is colourful. Be popular in agitation restoring ancient ways today, but you are using same package originally with conspicuous of Ao Daili · bag.

The bag bag of pure black, although joker is not easy however conspicuous, because this chooses,rise but cannot ignore detail, occasionally the change of little lets you suffer fully with respect to enough fix eyes upon. The ostrich skin with the grain of classical lozenge case of Chanel, piquant Bally or the crocodilian skin vanity that are Ferragamo, it is expression savour choose excellently. And the professional that has demand of a lot of outfit to be engaged in is young the woman will tell, the black design of coat of paint is in sedate while joined a few fresh charming again spruce, suit the new blood of ” of “ suit gens very.

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