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Popularity of female in September bag is like wind
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Cool wind slowly, autumn meaning rises gradually.

Female bag exhibits the high-quality goods that sees 100 bend affection hold, also be in blast blast midsummer strong feeling had broken up in cool wind piece, affection of the autumn wind at the beginning of the —— of the 2nd phase that welcomed an activity piece. On August 29 - during September 15, the newest bag bag of well-known trademark, popular package wraps international to will appear one by one for consumer. The style that there are you to need not only here includes the tide information of the bag, have solution more 100 special the favourable activity that rolls out for you.

Stroke your face gently when autumn wind, deciduous leaf pulls an endless longing, it is moment chose a close-fitting bag meticulously to wrap for oneself! The garment sleeves wave wave between, a that with your always together or grab an eye, or low-key, or costly, or elegant bag, be destined to let you make this season the most beautiful the most moving scenery.


Fashionable element: Cowhide daughter includes series, once distinctive maize coat of paint is rolled out hold in both hands with respect to be heated, ferrule is buckled expert simply, those who show a woman is spell able with intellectual.

Referenced price: 1798 yuan


Fashionable element: Pattern of classic KIPLING design and color is recreational bag, thunder-and-lightning, polyamide fibber material is qualitative, suit the female of young and lively avant-courier.

Referenced price: 1170 yuan

  FION humble installs Ni

Fashionable element: Cowhide daughter includes series, skin of bright red paint is ablaze, enthusiastic, the enthusiasm that reflected modern woman, freedom and bold and unrestrained.

Referenced price: 2488 yuan


Fashionable element: Marked LOGO, classical cloth, color and design, this autumn, everything all is mastering in!

Referenced price: 1035 yuan


Fashionable element: Cowhide daughter includes series, the design that include a body is fruity and deft, more show Nancy.
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