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08 autumn vanity " artistic touch " luxuriant regression
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From just entered summer begin, each news briefing that old brand began autumn to be tasted newly in succession, although the fur coat fur coat of massiness lets a person flinch, but the luxuriant vanity of full tassel restoring ancient ways, Celine has Ferragomo compose the carries ” of ear of better of bag, Prada“ greatly late banquet that exceeds much pocket is wrapped, must let National People's Congress sigh “ is too beautiful ” . Today autumn, bag bag became mediaeval artwork, luxuriant classic bud silk, blossomming rose spend valve, twinkling exceeding the quadrate portfolio with dye-in-the-wood flavour of big gem, Ying Lun, be used to the design of vanity. Love beautiful girls, taking the advantage of autumn to still be done not have, the “ equipment ” that updates you rapidly.


Handsome ” of portfolio of Ying Lun “ also makes fun of floret appearance

The portfolio that the male turns was become today another when Qiu Liu goes, gucci, Celine, Bally rolled out these to have the century on dot resembling in succession the design of the satchel of 80 time, exceed large volume and spell able modelling to suit OL gens particularly.

Stylist people the little detail that still influences a few art places in a certain position on its, resemble the chessboard of the doodle of Gucci, Marc By Marc Jacob, the small fine feast that try to be unique lets you everyday the job has a good intention feeling. High-key MM still can choose Dior gorgeous pink and braid packet of money orangely, those who grab an eye is tonal let you change immediately the tide Queen of heaven as the office.


Tassel of upsurge restoring ancient ways and petaline masquerade

This year the autumn, female people is destined to want for vanity insanity, because they resemble individually,be the artistic collect carefully that nots allow to miss. A series of Prada “ grew the vanity of auditive ” to as if to come from the lightly in fairy tale; Vollentino lets rose of a whole pink be on bag bag blossom sadly, tick off a people to be opposite of the love like dream yearning.

The court move that restore ancient ways is the key of this one season, because the element of this bud silk and tassel is the characteristic with this season the biggest vanity. But using the collocation with integral style should notice when too dazzling bag too, the palace bud silk that goes up with the dress and tassel and packet of luxuriant mutual echo, ability develops a real taste restoring ancient ways.
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