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Taipei handbag 產 業 tasted 發 watch show from 創 brand 產 2008
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Exhibition period: 2008-07-11~2008-07-11

Ground 點: Taipei world 貿 exhibits 覽2 館

" handbag 產 業 tasted 發 watch show from 創 brand 產 2008 " 將 選 擇 is in " 時 of 2008 Taipei glamour still is exhibited (Taipei In Style) " in 發 watch, thereby is revealed to outside 國 內 Home 買 2008 Qiu Dong handbag from commodity of 創 brand series. You cannot 錯 過 of year fill 會 , 請 務 holds 機 會 to join the procession from show of watch of 創 brand 發 surely this year. 產 of 與 of concept of 計 of 設 of 2008 autumn winters tastes card of item on display of announce 傳 參 the arena beautiful 內 that 內 look depends on case of 風 of each brand characteristic to move toward 設 計 to accord with the performance 內 that exhibits beautiful commodity to allow essence of by means of to collect allows 創 to create brand benefit, 並 dash forward the circumstances that 顯 each 參 exhibits the 產 of 廠 business to taste sex of meaning of 創 of 別 設 計 is exhibited act, 體 of each intermediary of 與 of 會 of the person that increase 發 of by means of of new 聞 benefit to express 記 builds communal 關 係.

2, vivid 動 means

動 態 exhibits (Fashion Show) , use image sound circumstances and 時 Shang Mingma to walk along beautiful 結 to close show of mode of 樂 dance 劇 .

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