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Spic skin provides shoe line of business to exhibit exhibit business doubt
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Celebrate the 2008[fashionable central issue that postpones economy to develop limited company to hold by Guangdong] bag shoe line of business exhibits box of international of the 2nd Guangzhou to was in Guangzhou to hold a few days ago. Although hold Fang Xuan to said to be attracted through powerful and effective conduct propaganda,cross 10 thousand domestic and international major to buy the home to attend the meeting about, but the professional audience that the scene comes round actually is far did not reach the number that sponsors square place conduct propaganda, exhibit business not less to complain ginseng exhibit the effect goodish, oppugn hold the clear sex that just can publicize to exhibiting.

Spic skin provides shoe line of business to exhibit exhibit business doubt
Opening ability the 2nd day, exhibit energy of life of meeting site person to already glided apparently.

Is current exhibition area less than previous term or session?

As we have learned, “ gathers together high-quality goods, trade central issue; Highlight a brand, deducing fashionable ” is current extend the theme that can place. Hold Fang Jiang to move, should exhibit can end before the situation that finished product enterprise and numerous equipment and material manufacturer mix an exhibition, what protruding showed ” of “ fashionable focus is professional, all show the theme of fashionable focus: High end, vogue, focus. For enterprise of numerous finished product promotion provided a professional platform.

And the reporter is in exhibit meeting site discovery, whole exhibit meeting site to exhibit area estimation actually only left and right sides of 4000 square metre, the previous term or session that from its official website place introduces always exhibits an area 7000 square metre still have bigger difference, leaving the requirement of the plan before holding Fang Zhi current to exhibit the end that can want to achieve 18000 square metre is a distance more distant. In addition, although include the brand such as Danny of especially holy Paul, Pierkadan, happy road, knight, Yingjili,the enterprise is in exhibit meeting site to build beautiful beautiful special outfit ginseng is exhibited, but hold the specially invite that just announces to attend the meeting the enterprise has many 50 only, the ginseng of previous term or session that than its official website place introduces exhibits business to be 118, quantitative shrink half is more than. Someone says, of such dimensions exhibit can calculate have beautiful beautiful install especially, should attract far come in domestic and international professional audience from a great distance, must face the enormous pressure that enrol business.

Is the person enraged not flourishing and insufficient major?

The reporter is in exhibit meeting site to understand, many ginseng exhibit an enterprise to be opposite this second exhibit the ginseng of the meeting to exhibit the effect not satisfactory. Among them a tall surname joins the delegate that postpone business to complain, should exhibit official website to allege, hold square meeting to be able to attract many about 12000 major to buy the home to attend the meeting through powerful and effective conduct propaganda. Many 8000 the chief of many 300 market that includes 20 many provinces city of countrywide among them, professional representative joins in business and many 1800 international of 20 many countries buy the home, march for the enterprise with this bazaar of large general merchandise, seek the opportunity that joins in agent and export trade offerred a good communication trade. Still be in exhibit meeting gate to still be stuck piece include to come from countrywide each district to get list of invitation market of large general merchandise.
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