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2008 Poland (Bocina) professional spin exhibits international to was held in Mar
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2008 Poland (Bocina) international major spin is exhibited will in March 4 ~ are in 6 days international exhibition center holds polish Bocina, item on display includes dress (male, female, children) , fabrics, underwear, complementary makings, sock, fashionable dress is tasted, bag of leather dress, box.

It is reported, should exhibit the meeting is virgin 1992, it is one of textile industry fair with the biggest Poland. Through be being accumulated for years, should exhibit already can become relevant company occupational in market of Europe, hamster, and radiation is whole of European market optimal exhibit one of meeting platform. Last year, should exhibit can attract nearly 600 businesses that come from 23 countries such as China, Russia, France, Germany, England, Italy and area, exhibit an area to amount to 23000 square metre in all, professional audience amounts to 23000 people. According to investigation, the participant of 88% can express satisfaction to should be being exhibited.

Spin garment industry has more important place in Poland, the basis is polish central statistic bureau (the statistic of GUS) , polish spin dress consumes year of increase rate to exceed 5% , dress and shoe kind 7% what defray of average per capita is income. Poland is very tremendous to the demand of spin fabrics, its basically are Germany, Italy, France, Holand, Denmark, Belgian, Korea and China for goods country. Polish dress machines course of study to show 46000 to have a company in all, among them 90% it is a private enterprise, employee exceeds about 700 of 50 people above.

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