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Complementary makings extends range of the 10th Qingdao audience organization jo
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A few days ago, from Qingdao face complementary makings exhibits know of the ministry that enrol business, should exhibit the first-run job that enrol business to be in fervent in undertaking, gained revolutionary headway. On the side of the 10th Qingdao that 26-28 day ran in Qingdao international exhibition center in June 2008 complementary makings is exhibited as “ north the 2nd exhibit greatly, Shandong is the biggest exhibit ” , undertook innovating greatly: Change other exhibit meeting “ audience ” practice is enrolled after flutter business first, the audience of high quality and the positional ——“ with exhibit business to be put coequal and important the audience that postpone business enrols ” at the same time.

Exhibit the method that adopted a variety of effective to undertake the audience invites bag of cap of trade of global travelling merchant, textile, spin, dress, shoe, box, home to spin business agent originally wholesale shopkeeper, department store, news media. If be registered on viewer network (Www.tex532.com) , mail entrance ticket receipt makes an appointment, the phone is man-to-man purchase a ministry to invite, fax, mail, short message, visit, constituent visiting group, novel form sufferred each district to the audience welcomes generally and be responded to actively. Complementary makings exhibited Qingdao face to hold 9 successfully already up to now, 9 accumulated many dutiful audience to should be exhibited, in this first-run action business they pass all sorts of connection organizing committees actively to express expressive desire; Each district association, exhibit business to organize visiting group to attend a meeting in succession participate in purchase negotiate.

In the meantime, complementary makings exhibits Qingdao face to exhibit the corresponding period to be held together with Qingdao tailor, two exhibit audience applicable to both or all group very big. Qingdao tailor is exhibited is equipment of 2008 China the biggest tailor is exhibited, visiting audience will innovate again accordingly tall, be sure radiation fabrics is exhibited. Make clothing factory report, same assembly room is the same as for a short while, group person can visit complementary makings to exhibit already can visit tailor to exhibit again, saved many time not only, managing also manpower material resources, kill two birds with one stone. Sponsor just will endeavor to had done work of the dredge before exhibiting, audience organization is among them important facet. The job is registered before the audience has done the major that sponsors an unit to encourage great majority to exhibit.

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