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Exhibit in day China textile, dress and leather goods
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China Textiles Accessories&Leather Fair

General situation

Hold time: In September 2008 24-26 day

Hold a place: Guild hall of culture of city of Japanese Tokyo sun

Sponsor an unit: Development of foreign trade of Department of Commerce spins group company in clerical bureau China

Assist run an unit: Hengyuan company limited is spun in meridian economy trade centre

Undertake unit: Advertisement is spun to show a company in

Plan to invite backing unit: People's Republic of China is stationed in business of Japan embassy, Japan to be versed in commerce of conference place, Japan revitalizes fiber of orgnaization, Japan to input fiber of combination, Japan to output combination, Japan line of business of leather of union of group of trade of shoe of indoor textile association, Japan, Japan person box of association, Japan wraps association, Japan to move

Japan is to be next to the 2nd big fact of the United States to sell the market in Chinese export trade, the commerce communication of Japan and China is thorough and mature stability, develop Japanese market further, outspread industry supplies chain, carrying high yield to taste additional cost is the fundamental the way to deal with a situation that Chinese enterprise adjusts management strategy.

2003, by group company was spun to establish in Japan in China Chinese spin hand-me-down is exhibited (CFF) , hand-me-down exhibits the frequency that holds two with be in Osaka and Tokyo every year respectively to already held 10 successfully continuously, the major that becomes local industry to have force quite is exhibited meeting. Accumulative total is organized 1, ginseng of enterprise of more than 400 China is exhibited, recieve register an audience to even more 20, 000 people, join the satisfaction that postpones a business to spend more than 90% . Long-term cultivated the experience that makes sponsorred an orgnaization to accumulate rich resource He Baogui, exhibit can rapid development to also make exhibit of the meeting specialization rate rises increasingly. Nowadays, chinese spin hand-me-down exhibits a when had made communication of two countries industry main platform, the business that from 60% above successive ginseng postpones and the professional audience of 96% express to will attend CFF to exhibit one spot is seen in the result that can include its workaday Cheng.

Exhibit for farther promotion of the meeting specialization degree, enlarge those who exhibit meeting product to cover range, comply with Tokyo this fashionable metropolitan practitioner to dress the demand of relevant product, since September 2008, after group company is being spun to exhibit afterwards hand-me-down in China, foreign trade of associated Department of Commerce develops clerical bureau to sponsor “ China textile, dress and leather goods to exhibit ”(CLEARTEX) jointly, exhibit with Chinese spin hand-me-down (CFF) the corresponding period is held together. Its exhibit a product to include fabrics, home to spin, dress and shoe kind, the box bag and leather goods product that having immanent associated sex with dress product, borrow this to form favorable interactive effect. Sponsor an as will professional related to Japan orgnaization one case, spread conduct propaganda jointly, attract relevant and professional client to attend a meeting.
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