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Stone lion eleventh Haibohui, living broadcast of cross-strait synchronism TV
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Municipal government of 01-13 stone lion announces, eleventh “ Hai Bo is met ” gives priority to a problem with ” of “ two sides, professional, recreational, vogue, win-win, will come 21 days to be held in city of stone lion dress on April 18.

With toward different, current, the stage does the country to meet “ sea rich ” brings into cross-strait significant economic and trade activity, give give aid to energetically, province stage does to also be become exhibit one of conference member units. At the appointed time, the two sides of the Taiwan Straits will first synchronous TV living broadcast is exhibited can show constant

Current “ Hai Bo is met ” , exhibition content involves dress, dress, bag bag, popular area machinery of equipment of complementary makings, tailor, spin and fittings, catch dress of CAD/CAM of entire facility and fittings, dress, spin information of network of books of science and technology of software, dress and product, dress, dress, electron.

According to “ ” organizing committee discloses Haibohui, current “ Hai Bo is met the characteristic of ” of “ two sides of ” will be more apparent, protruding shows communication of cross-strait industry essence, taiwan spins develop meeting general leads Taiwan to make clothing of spin of the garment, knitting, sweater visiting ginseng of consortium of industry of 3 Great Harmony is exhibited, advocate the cloth house area that exhibits an area to enlarge Taiwan house, ginseng of predicting Taiwan businessman exhibits an area to will be occupied advocate the 20% ~ that exhibit an area 25% . During the exhibition, will hold “ Taiwan to design Taiwan businessman of ” of start working of building of commerce of research and development, “ to invest demonstrative garden area to lay a foundation ” , and “ Hai Bo is met the reservation activity “ of ” be good at be good at make an appointment with ” two sides work of 3 ground famous stylist is released wait for an activity.

Because exhibit meeting and wide hand in can hold in same period of time, will open “ at the appointed time wide hand in meeting — Haibohui ” straight be open to traffic, play stone lion can be joined already meeting the advantage that can see a works again, carry on more wide hand in meeting ginseng to exhibit travelling merchant, come stone lion inspects demand to the factory, make meeting ” becomes “ Hai Bo as wide as “ hand in meeting ” to be exhibited effectively to what receive meeting, drive “ Hai Bo meeting ” and ginseng meeting travelling merchant blend in international purchase chain better.

Exhibit this on the meeting, center of Chinese spin information will hold 2008 ~ 2009 recreational fabrics and dress popularity trend are revealed; Gather together the installs design originality ———“ when motherland mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong is newest be good at be good at make an appointment with ” two sides 3 ground are famous stylist work news briefing, also will be in exhibit come on stage during the meeting; News briefing of new product of international spin machinery and tailor equipment also holds the corresponding period, association of association of Chinese tailor equipment, equipment of Fujian Province tailor will be in exhibit on the meeting, reveal tailor equipment to be tasted newly.
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