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BISMA2008 and international spin fabrics exhibit the corresponding period to be
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On March 27 - 29 days, equipment of Beijing international tailor is exhibited (BISMA2008) will move to exhibit a center to China International from China International trade centre, exhibit the corresponding period to be held with the house with international spin fabrics. Ginseng exhibit an audience to be opposite equipment knead dough of complementary makings look around, purchase demand to be able to get satisfaction at the same time. Current exhibit on the meeting, sponsor just will stress two big distinguishing feature. It is to face terminal user. Through reaching the connection of relevant media and collaboration with association of clothing of and other places of Heibei, Tianjin, Shandong, exhibit the conference is the biggest changed the ground to expand produce channel of the communication between the enterprise, communication with dress. 2 be advocate make brand service. Before the course 3 success is run, the content of item on display of BISMA develops the 7 old systems that produce to dress from single tailor facility, begin to wait for relevant industry to seat of box bag, car, safe gasbag outspread, ginseng exhibited an enterprise to cover day star, serious chance, Jackie, beautiful machine to wait for brand of mainstream of China and foreign countries, exhibit the scope effect of the meeting preliminary show. Equipment of Beijing international tailor is exhibited is core of equipment of northern region tailor is exhibited, also be annual the garment industry form a complete set that Beijing held in March 3 exhibit greatly one of meetings. As “ of domestic manufacturing industry growth pole north moves ” , northward garment industry greeted significant strategic opportunity to develop period, the amount of industrial group and dimensions jump, produce can rise quickly. Equipment of Beijing international tailor exhibits hold, aim to bind closely northward dress swims up and down industrial catenary, increase equipment complement capacity of the industry, drive garment industry to upgrade. Exhibit of the meeting undertake controller of company of exhibition of the luck when square Beijing expresses, have the aid of moves this to show central chance to China International, BISMA makes effort dress produce an enterprise to purchase equipment, institute and design unit to communicate company of equipment of information, tailor to reveal the main platform that exchanges new product, new technology.

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