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Li Yazhou leather exhibits abundant of beautiful jade of INEAPELLE- of the 5th G
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In leather of Li Yazhou of abundant of beautiful jade of INEAPELLE- of the 5th Guangzhou news is released on know, beautiful vogue corridor and international client service center garrison beautiful jade abundant skin of renown business scope of activity provides material square, become 2008 beautiful jade abundant beautiful one of strategic move that prompt communication of industry of the leather in meaning and collaboration to enter newer level.

International tycoon leads world skin to have leather industry trend

Beautiful Asia leather exhibits abundant of this beautiful jade of second Guangzhou INEAPELLE- to basically exhibit: Textile, imitation stuff, component, accessory, stylist, fashionable information, professional institute, craft reachs a technology. Exhibit this just meet Guangzhou city skin provides eve of annual meeting of leather industry chamber of commerce during the meeting, no matter be in,accordingly mobile dimensions is arranged, showpiece on sort and honored guest amount relatively before a few more rich.

Exhibit meeting controller to express as in recent years Chinese leather line of business is sided with more the development of trade arrangement, exhibit this no matter the meeting is service level, all sorts of technology services on soft still hardware have bigger rise. Organized more major to buy the home and audience, make exhibit business and major to buy information is aperient between the home, build powerful trade atmosphere, make join exhibit business returns with trafficker satisfaction, come back with fruitful results, let exhibit meeting development this to arrive a new height

Wang Zhe is contended for sharp edge the new pattern that initiates an industry to develop continuously

As beautiful jade abundant beautiful after with the name the cooperative intent of business scope of activity is reached, world leather tycoon garrisons Guangzhou wide garden Xi Ziyuan hillock the footstep that current core business encircles industry of this China leather is closer and closer, it is important that this will communicate collaboration to rise to promote trade of the leather in meaning action, the collaboration that believes to pass both sides will be initiated jointly catalpa yuan the new structure that post trader encircles.

The abundant of INEAPELLE- beautiful jade that holds in 16 days of evening beautiful acknowledge on bender, beautiful China delegate is in beautiful jade abundant chief delegate is in refer abundant of this LineapelleFashionGallery- beautiful jade beautiful vogue corridor

Choice of service center of beautiful international client establishs abundant of LineapelleInternationalCustomerServiceCenter- beautiful jade to speak of at renown business scope of activity: Scope of activity of “ name business is China of a base oneself upon, the skin of the high starting point that faces the world has data market, this just is scope of activity of business of our choice name, the style that establishs international standard in renown business scope of activity and product show the account of the client service center of client of high end of international of hall kimono Wu. ”
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