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Justice black market and be in harmony of enterprise short for Zhejiang Province
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Rich of the 7th meeting, disappear can be in be in harmony of the 10th short for Zhejiang Province on June 10 Ning Bo opens a shop formally. It is provincial and important to regard as exhibit external meeting, rich of meeting, disappear meets be in harmony of short for Zhejiang Province the main platform that all along is regarded as door going abroad by justice black enterprise. Can go up in be in harmony of short for Zhejiang Province, the enterprise such as 4 enterprises of our city and Hong Kong, Taiwan undertook project autograph is made an appointment with. Can go up in disappear rich, 6 enterprises such as exhibition of bag of box of justice black megalosaurus, store are set exhibit,

Meet in disappear rich Jin Hua of a house exhibits an area, designed this year open up the window that shows justice black market to develop a process, the picture of phylogeny of market of small commodities of reflective justice black lets a lot of ginseng exhibit travelling merchant to stop watch. On the propagandist content of graph Wen Bingmao, the airscape of city of trade of new generation international is very luxurious and grand, attracted domestic and international traveling trader deeply.

Disappear rich is met on, 6 businesses that justice black ginseng postpones involve provision respectively, adorn article, the industry such as handicraft, cosmetic. The reporter saw in house of 6 houses international set the Chinese small commodities city that exhibit to show limited company, justice rich of ” of “ China justice black, “ is met ” recommend justice black and image of justice black market reveal, let a person see a vibrant justice black. Store exhibition company basically is what justice black annual begins this to be exhibited individually can undertake figure is popularized. Ding Yunfeng of store group vice president says, store exhibition company is in the 7th times disappear rich is set on the meeting exhibit, those who take a fancy to is strong manufacturing industry of Ning Bo and haven city platform, through be in the ginseng on the meeting extends disappear gain recommend justice black, justice black the market is exhibited with justice black meeting, attract more advantage clients to enter justice black, do the meeting that becomes black of cardinal principles of righteousness by force to exhibit property. Introduce according to justice black enterprise, disappear rich travelling merchant of the trading company on the meeting is very much, client purpose sex is very strong, company image is revealed and taste newly reveal will drive business of foreign trade of second half of the year.

In addition, bureau of compulsory city science and technology is met in be in harmony of short for Zhejiang Province autograph of project of collaboration of science and technology makes an appointment with ceremonially autograph.

As we have learned, rich of meeting, disappear already can become be in harmony of short for Zhejiang Province to save the main carrier of 11 towns capital attraction completely. Jin Hua, thoroughfare the city such as city, stage city is met through be in harmony of short for Zhejiang Province forehead of foreign capital of the foreign capital item that platform introduces, agreement already took place in those days the 1/5 above of foreign capital gross. Be in harmony of current short for Zhejiang Province can roll out of all kinds key to enrol business project in all 1000, to more than 5000 investment outside the condition travelling merchant undertakes centralized recommending, disappear rich can be joined exhibit an enterprise to achieve 1950. Rich of meeting, disappear meets be in harmony of current short for Zhejiang Province will last to June 12.
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