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Haibohui will set 16 cent to exhibit an area
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Overall program already decided the 11st Haibohui and exposition of 2008 recreational dress, will come 21 days to be held in city of stone lion dress on April 18, will divide 16 to exhibit an area at the appointed time.

This Haibohui exhibits content to include dress, dress; Bag of shoe, bag, recreational sporting goods; Fabrics complementary makings; Spin dress is mechanical; Machinery of tailor equipment, spin, catch entire facility and fittings; Science and technology of software of dress of dress CAD/CAM, spin, dress reachs a product; Business affairs of information of network of dress books, dress, electron.
Have not at in former years is, in newly-built dress wall 2 houses, formal setting tailor equipment exhibits an area. The area trades greatly in dress city lay off in the meantime, the setting couplet of brand of Fujian style dress exhibits the area, treatment that stick a card and dress of trade of inside and outside to supply an area; City of lion of store of fabrics market, rich abundant, stone is collected in market of cloth of pool of an affectionate couple, gold complementary makings market and commercial shopping mall are returned will establish cent exhibit an area.
Stone lion municipal Party committee publicizes a ministry to divulge, will this month 13 days afternoon, the 11st Haibohui is held in Beijing press conference.

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