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Exhibition of dress of dress of leather of fur of 2008 Shanghai international
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Time: Nodded to 20 days of ground on June 18, 2008: Store of Shanghai world trade (start justice journey 99)

Sponsor an unit: Business affairs of trade of the classics outside Shanghai of association of Shanghai leather technology shows limited company

Support an unit: Leather of China of association of Shanghai science and technology reachs shoemaking industry academy

Assist run an unit: Chinese animal produce is current association fur trades central international flix trades association

Quality of product of leather of country of center of information of Chinese leather industry is supervised examine center

National flix quality is supervised examine city of leather of central laborious market is in charge of appoint meeting

Association of trade of shoe of the dress in the United States

Undertake unit: Shanghai of limited company of exhibition of business affairs of trade of the classics outside Shanghai is elegant brightness the exhibition serves limited company

Exhibit can review:

Shanghai international leather is exhibited since first are held 2004, exhibit an area to expand ceaselessly, ginseng exhibit business and exhibit grow in quantity of digit in successive years, internationalization degree is deepened gradually, already developed to come to have relatively within countrywide industry to grow trigonometry area to be now famous one of spent grand meeting. Exhibit can devote oneself to to promote leather manufactured goods kind foreign trade, it is main effort with export direction, market of sale in domestic market of give attention to two or morethings.

Previous term or session is exhibited meeting in May 2007 23- - 25 days are held successfully in store of Shanghai world trade, exhibit an area to amount to 12000 much square metre, revealed current nearly 1000 kinds of products such as the most popular fur, leather, dress, gathered together to come from the domestic and international numerous and well-known company such as Korea, Italy, France, Japan, United States, England, Hong Kong, Taiwan more than 480, in all 572 are exhibited. According to statistic, professional audience exceeds 28 thousand person, intent clinchs a deal the forehead 600 million yuan of RMBs. Among them abroad and professional audience is occupied 21% , area audience occupies Huadongde 68% , other province city and municipality are occupied 11% . The audience comes from the enterprise such as leather, fur to be given priority to with buying the home actually mostly, occupy 65% , etc of commerce, agency is occupied 35% . One second grand meeting that exhibition can calls domestic fur dress the bound.

Media publicizes an unit:

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