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Italian Milan leather is exhibited / bag of Italian Milan box is exhibited / Ita
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Italian Milan leather is exhibited / bag of Italian Milan box is exhibited / Italian Milan skin makes gift exhibit / fittings of Italian Milan metal is exhibited / Milanese leather appliance is exhibited Extend meeting time: On September 17, 2008 to on September 20, 2008
Showpiece address: Italian Milan international exhibits a center (Fiera Milano)
Sponsor an unit: Company of exhibition of Italian Milan international
Exhibit a place: Italian Milan international exhibits a center (Fiera Milano)
Postpone meeting brief introduction:
Goods of leather of international of 2008 Italy Milan and box bag exhibit MIPEL

Time: On September 17, 2008, on September 20
Place: Italian Milan international exhibits a center (Fiera Milano)

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Leather appliance, raw leather material, leather semi-manufactured goods, leather finished product if: Bag of umbrella, portfolio, cloth, leatheroid bag, leather case, shoe, leather belt, fur clothing and skin, late banquet portfolio, skin makes fittings of glove of gift, skin, metal wait.
[postpone meeting introduction]
Cent is exhibition of leather of Italian Milan international spring, autumn two season, in Milanese international exhibition center is held. Spring is exhibited by international fur clothing (skin of MIFUR) , international provides the bag that reach case to exhibit (MIPEL) and international shoe kind exhibit (3 professional parts comprise MICAM) , autumn has a skin to have box bag and shoe kind two parts. Box wrapping is provided exhibit heretofore to be the 91st, exhibit an area to make an appointment with 30 thousand square metre, the 380 companies ginseng that comes from 19 countries is exhibited, among them company of 87 foreign countries. International ginseng exhibits business to basically come from the country such as area of Spain, India, Germany, France, China and Hong Kong, Taiwan, Portuguese, Holand. The audience that comes round to look around in 4 days of exhibition period makes an appointment with 15000 person-time, among them 40% come from the country beyond Italy and area. Box bag exhibits have 4 shares: "Business affairs and viatic house " , "Demon unreal house " , "Abroad exhibits a house " , "House of business street corridor " . From September 2006 21-24 day begins the 90th times, mipel is exhibited will at Italian Milan exhibit a house newly to hold, new Mipel spreads out set international to exhibit a house.

Do not book exhibit can make an on-the-spot investigation along with the group!
08-09 year international shoe kind, leather and plan of exhibition of box bag exit:

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Shoe of Russia Moscow international and leather goods exhibition (MOSSHOES) in June 2008 23-26 day (a year 4)
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