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2009 middle east (Ji Da) international spin, dress and complementary makings exp
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2009 middle east (Ji Da) international spin, dress and complementary makings exposition Extend meeting time: On March 23, 2009 to on March 26, 2009
Showpiece address: Jida international exhibits a center
Sponsor an unit: Jida international shows a company
Exhibit a place: Auspicious amounts to international to exhibit a center
Postpone meeting brief introduction:
2009 middle east (Ji Da) international spin, dress and complementary makings exposition
The Fashion Arabia Exhibition
Extend meeting time: March 2009 23-3 month 26 days
Exhibit meeting site: Jida international exhibits a center

Limits of item on display: (do not divide primary and secondary orderly)
Brand area: Man dress, lady dress, underwear, swimsuit, fashionable dress is tasted etc
Common area: Fabrics of of all kinds spin (chemical fibber, cotton, polyamide fibber, bull-puncher, slub, grey, without spin, corduroy) craft of dress of textile of goods of linen-cotton cloth, knitwear, spin, family expenses, labor insurance, spin, dress is acted the role of taste (cravat, .
Juvenile products area: 0-14 year old things of formal attire of clothing of sports of bedgown of children clothing, infant and underwear, children, children, sweater, children's footwear, infant, cradle and portable infantile bed, pram and fold the juvenile products such as seat of type pram, baby.

Postpone meeting introduction:
It is the consumptive market with middle east the biggest area especially dene, especially market of dress shoe cap. And in last few years advanced luxury is like advanced hand-me-down, pi Cao, cosmetic and perfume, also pounding sand spy market at high speed, formed high-speed growth. As sand spy population rise, the entrance with special sand reachs 94% nearly 4 billion dollar. According to the government reported 2006, cosmetic and perfume market increased 7% value 1.4 billion dollar. Chinese product is good in quality and cheap in price, have competition ability more than Euramerican commodity. China is opposite at present specified number of sanded outstanding opening still is less than his to always import the specified amount 10% , wait for the exit of developed country product to this area under Euramerican Japan far. The Chinese commodity development in sand spy market potential is strong, ascendant space is large!

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