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2008 United States pull Siweijiasi autumn international gift and consumable expo
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2008 United States pull Siweijiasi autumn international gift and consumable exposition ASD/AMD Extend meeting time: On August 10, 2008 to on August 13, 2008
Showpiece address: The United States pulls Siweijiasi Hilton Hotel
Sponsor an unit: Company of WAITER TCHERINC exhibition
Exhibit a place: Sands of center of Mandalay Bay conference exhibits a center
Postpone meeting brief introduction:
The United States pulls Siweijiasi consumable of international daily expense and gift exhibition (ASD/AMD TRADE SHOW) , annual two season run year each, had held up to now 180 period, it is one of exhibition of the United States' biggest daily expense consumable, its form is similar of our country wide hand in meeting. Exhibition assemble of all kinds new product, daily expense consumable, gift, the technology that represented relevant industry moves toward the popular trend with consumable, it is one of current rooms with the mainest distribute of consumable of American daily expense, each main department store, supermarket reachs complete United States medium or small each years of metropolis attends even locksmith ASD/AMD to exhibit, make purchase a plan, negotiate order goods.
ASD/AMD is daily expense consumable purchases a site basically, also be the important way that knows climate of popularity of daily expense consumable, have not complete count, visit an exhibition every time purchase business to exceed 50 thousand, especially in Las Vegas city cent is exhibited for 3 meet 4 to exhibit an area (headgear of gem, copy, motion is recreational, daily expense consumable and gift) whole exhibition is by the WAITER TCHERINC that has experience of nearly 40 years of exhibitions exhibition company is sponsorred, exhibit an area 8000 many stall, join the business that exhibit a plant to make an appointment with 5000. Exhibition enhances the technical communication that involves a trade with foreign photograph, chance that introduced new product, new technology to offer rare for our country enterprise, also be to concern an enterprise to extend overseas market additionally, seasonable understanding United States and international market are right light industrial the place of demand of consumable of product, daily expense, gift.
4, show content:
1. Live in things: Commodity, horological, vase, frame, wood, silver, candle, tableware
Glass service, special art bag of furniture, kitchenware, tableware, lamps and lanterns, box.
2. Dress dress: Cap of dress of sprotswear, children, swimsuit, leather belt, Qian Ga, cravat, shoe.
3. Gift: Christmas gift, dry flower, pottery and porcelain, china, hand makes up flower of handicraft, bronze ware, man-made, gift package to wait.
4. Electronic product: Toy of machine of small home appliance, CD, recorder, electron, batteries, freezer.
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