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Too much luggage transport consumers to find merchants refused to discuss clai
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The family would like to bring some home for foreign goods, luggage is not too large because of commitments to the airport refused to be transported. "Buy when specifically asked the woman, such a big box of the operation will not be denied, the clerk said nothing, and the results are not things that are transported away." Citizens Miss Gu said angrily. Recently, the son of the people Miss Gu, a luggage store in the Longjing spend a large purchase of 160 bags, trying to give their loved ones living in Japan with some home items. In order to avoid the box refused to transport large airport, Miss Gu's son in the store before buying specifically asked the salesperson, the Advisory purchased large boxes will be the airport refused to transport, while the salesman said not refused transport. Received a positive reply, Miss Gu's son Buy a large bag this section, and to bring their loved ones put in a gift box. The next day, Miss Gu's son, left with a box like the results due to security at the airport had refused transport box is too large. Helpless, Miss Gu's son had shipped the box back to the Trustee Longjing, fly out on their own independence. "I'm angry, and had refused shipped salesman said he would not." Miss Gu said angrily. Subsequently, Miss Gu carry boxes to find businesses want to return, but the businessmen said that the box be no quality problems do not return, but can be swapped. The face of business reply, Miss Gu is very angry, and find the city disappear reflect this. Come out after coordination by the CASE staff, businesses finally agreed to return, refund Miss Gu 160 yuan.
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