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Throughout China contrarian fashion brand luggage market faster rise
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China's lack of luggage market brand, it is well known fact. In response to this phenomenon, various types of businesses have recognized that to be a brand, build brand, a large number of Pijuxiangbao industry entrepreneurs are make unremitting efforts. In this juncture, we must clearly understand the China market, not only is the lack of clear understanding of the brand, but also to understand what our country sorely lacking the brand, so as to have targeted for brand building. Pijuxiangbao China is a major exporter, has been to occupy the international market, low price, can not deny that this is an advantage, but in the country, the proliferation of low-end market is too seriously damaged the interests of consumers. After the financial turmoil, many companies have meaning to no longer follow the low-end market, understand brand building is the only real way out, but many companies did not bother to study it in the luggage market situation in China, do not know most of the market What is missing brands. Looking at the domestic luggage market, there is the world's top class, such as LV, GUCCI, FENDI, MIUMIU, big have been stationed in the domestic market, although such products now account for market share is not much, but compared to the needs of its market statement is sufficient, after all, women can afford the luxury of only a few. Moreover, China's high-end handbag market is almost a blank, many ordinary white-collar workers are to buy a suitable bag and worry about their income levels to buy big is absolutely world-class luxury, not enough capacity, low-end market, they simply will not go to patronize, so they buy a bag and confusion. These are precisely the confusion of ordinary white-collar brand of luggage loss and vulnerability, a strategic vision of entrepreneurs is the ability to see business opportunities from these vulnerabilities, and as a target for brand building. The gap in the market is not since the economic crisis until after production, but there has never been, in the domestic market, some companies already "sniffed" to this opportunity and take advantage of this neutral successful brand marketing, C & T Old Ti is a good example. C & T of ancient ti official website from November 2009 to enter the Chinese market, the market has always stood out luggage in the international economic crisis, C & T of ancient ti is stand out contrarian. What is it made such a huge success? Before entering the Chinese market as early as, C & T market in China of ancient ti conducted to further research and found that China's market in addition to top international luxury brand, in the high-end market is almost empty, especially the lack of independent management of the brand. C & T of ancient ti confusion for the ordinary white-collar, C & T to build the world of ancient ti luggage bags leading fast fashion brand, the introduction of the first mode of the fast fashion retail bags, retail bags will be great potential with the most wealth The fast fashion combined profit model, triggering nuclear fission Pijuxiangbao industry wealth. C & T product positioning of ancient ti fashion bags, leisure, to create the "China luggage industry ZARA", allow consumers to "enjoy parity masterpiece," "fastest update product lead the fashion", and thus with great success. Those in progress or planned brand building brand building enterprise may wish to stop and think about the current market conditions in China, brands and other aspects of the missing, identify the brand positioning, carry out the purpose of the brand of the war.
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