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Leather bags handbags 2011 exhibition in Guangzhou Chinese buyers are most famil
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At present, the annual consumption of more than 2.25 billion Bags of 2.133 billion U.S. as the world's largest consumer luggage handbags countries. Chinese people's consumption concept has also undergone a great change, not only to meet the business Practical value goods, more concerned about the brand value of goods. China is a huge market. China, has focused the eyes of the world. At this point, the domestic luggage handbags companies are creating their own brands; the country at this time International leather goods brand is targeting the Chinese market. At this time, bags and leather handbags Guangzhou Exhibition, a response to the modernization of China's leather market trading platform for enterprises to promote a brand of handbags and luggage at home and abroad, radiation brand charm Force in the high-end leather goods gather, came into being fully committed to promoting franchising in the organizing committee, it is also special emphasis on the mining department stores. The General Assembly is not only dealers invited agents domestic cities, but also directly invited Go to most of the second and third tier cities and counties of the agents to show up to discuss matters relating to purchasing and sales agents. Fair organizers focus through the relevant channels are invited Grandbuy department stores, China Plaza, Grandview Plaza, Brilliance Group , East Building, Paris Spring Department Store, Grand Gateway, Huijin Department Store, New World Shopping Center, Pacific Department Store, commercial buildings in the Union, Yaohan, six, New Hualian, the new century, Tian Yu, Mellon Square, the town of Isetan, Guoxing hundred Goods, gold leaf, Tesco, Wal-Mart, Trust-Mart, Super Brand Mall, Jusco, Auchan, Lufthansa, Guiyou, Ito-Yokado, wide Ke Long, CR hundreds, family enrichment, Century Lianhua, Lotus, Rosen, Hualian, Metro, Farming, RT-Mart, Carrefour, PARKnSHOP supermarket retailers to visit hundreds of procurement. The world of Chinese leather, leather look, Guangzhou China Guangzhou is China's largest leather handbags luggage production and trade base, with nearly 30,000 more than the production and trade bags leather handbags manufacturers, professional market for nearly more than 50, such as the Leather City and Hong Kong, gold billion Leather Town, Baiyun leather Ju Trade Center, thousands of colors such as Zi Yuan Gang leather around the city of leather products market, the current overall level of production technology, production scale, product quality and innovation are leading position in the country. As the Pearl River Delta adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao Popular in the product information, access the latest materials and so on very favorable position, Guangzhou has become the country's most important production base of bags and leather handbags and information center. Become China's largest leather production, development, sales Base. The country's total export delivery value of 1 / 3 or more, can be described as a pivotal position. To Guangzhou purchasing it has become the consensus of many domestic and foreign trade businesses. Comprehensive marketing network to attract a large number of overseas buyers Organizational unit of its new Hong Kong buyers Development International Exhibition Co., Ltd. will use market experience accumulated over the years and channels, through direct mail will be sent tickets to visit the most effective purchasers. We chose a different mainstream industry media Target groups make a strong advertising, while more than 50 websites and magazines to publicize the show. Organizers also arranged for specialized human resources invited by phone and visited important overseas buyers. All parties Spaces invite the audience, the exhibition will ensure the quantity and quality buyers Purchasing power - have visited a number of agencies to confirm For lack of brand in the international influence of Chinese enterprises to participate in the exhibition is to promote the export of the most effective low-cost high-return means. Benefited from the impact of the Canton Fair, Guangzhou year a large number of countries active in International buyers and trading agents, is a veritable city exports. The organizing committee developed this exhibition held in Guangzhou, to further promote the rapid development of the industry, with the market faster, build the stage for the enterprise, Go to the market, good image. The exhibition based in Guangdong, serving the entire country, the world, this exhibition will surely provide more space and new development opportunities. To make a worthwhile trip exhibitors, the organizing committee terms are Investment in preparation for on-site seminars and other activities. The current exhibition of Guangdong Province and Hong Kong have been leather bags Association, Taiwan Association of handbags bags, leather bags, Hebei baigou agencies have visited the Chamber of Commerce confirmed that this These enterprises will have more and more effective trading opportunities. A variety of activities: Forum / Workshop: Invitation of overseas and local professionals leather class leather goods to the audience to share the latest market information; Fashion Show: Fashion Show during the show every day arrangements also provide more brand impressions; Current interpretation: published 2011 latest trends in fashion, colors, materials and the most avant-garde with popular design style; Exhibits: Finished leather handbags luggage: all kinds of luggage, handbags, handbags, briefcases, suitcases, craft handbags, luggage, trolley case, other types of bags manufactured goods, all kinds of accessories. Materials and accessories: leather , Synthetic leather, leather bags, luggage hardware materials, fabrics and accessories, technical and mechanical equipment: Pijuxiangbao machinery, leather machine, laser cutting equipment, machinery, information publications, books and so on.
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