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Internet pulls dynamical capacity to will exceed telecommunication to economy
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“ Internet is right of Chinese economy pull dynamical capacity to will exceed telegraphic trade, time can prove all these. ” industry and Xi Guohua of informatization ministry undersecretary were in 2008 China before Internet congress kicks off formally one day to make known his position first a few days ago.

On Chinese Internet congress, xi Guohua still was summing up the 5 large window that Chinese Internet develops currently, include electronic business affairs netizen of rapid development, country grows quickly etc.

A group of data that provide in Xi Guohua report show, no matter be fixed net, mobile net, still be Internet, the network dimensions capacity of our country and user number reside the world the first.

Xi Guohua emphasizes, the network henceforth, the world that is shift and Internet. Grow quickly in the netizen, while dimensions expands quickly, internet permeates each domains of economic society life increasingly extensively, network value promotes ceaselessly, develop in stimulative economy, improve governmental management, abound the respect such as people life, body reveals increasingly main effect, show distinctive glamour and tremendous development potential.

Besides electronic business affairs netizen of rapid growth, country grows quickly outside waiting for the characteristic with marked this year Internet, xi Guohua still points out, the prosperity of network culture is rich, it is the main field that Internet develops. Current, countrywide website gross had been achieved 1.92 million, this is the website that points to Chinese churchyard, chinese webpage had obtained 8.44 billion page, it is a quite extraordinary number, individual rich guest, the netizen scale of individual space was achieved 42.3% . The development space of network culture and latent capacity, dispute Chang Zhi is tremendous, it can bring up a giant industry absolutely

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