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Box of Committee on Standard of countrywide leather industry wraps minute of tec
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Run committee according to national standardization " prepare to construct about approval the announcement that the specialized standard of 190 whole nations such as countrywide food analysis and committee of sampling standardization technology turns technical committee " (GB appoint integrated [2008]125 date) requirement, federation of Chinese light industry prepares to construct the arrangement of the working group, be in charge of preparing to construct by Chinese leather association box bag divides committee of technology of standardization of countrywide leather industry technical committee. Collect publicly now come from box to include a product production, use, the enterprise of the respect such as distribute and place of scientific research courtyard, detect orgnaization, institution of higher learing, relevant section, guild (society) , the relevant unit such as attestation orgnaization recommends expert delegate to enter bid appoint can work. The committee member should be relevant domain on-the-job personnel, in principle should be had intermediate reach above title.

Specific application process and connection means see column of news of standard of channel of information of Chinese leather net " committee of technology of cent of council case bag collects technology of standardization of countrywide leather industry committee member "

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