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8 years of all kinds fur develops Chinese flix market posture
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A lot of people do not value the development posture of grass of skin of 8 years of China, the friend of this kind of view uses hold of course he is peculiar visual angle goes analysing a problem. Can be a person, an enterprise, where is the value that an industry should understand to it lives! It is a hope! Promising talent has motivation to show the glamour that he exists! When a person, an enterprise, when an industry faces dilemma, potential and comprehensive strength are the greatest ascendant value.

One, cacique of otter hare skin 8 years of Pi Cao

In last few years, pi Cao dress more and more face is multivariate direction strides, this also is the content different period that portrays company product style actually. Factory of a lot of clothing is annual winter labels Pi Cao dress fist product! And traditional Qiu Yisheng produces a business also the diversity that leave no stone unturned enlarges a product, in the market development respect already had one part enterprise to begin to want the market to the brand, outside producing leather careless dress except winter, the manufacturing plan of other season already did not have any distinguishing with other clothing factory! On the fixed position of manufacturer, pi Cao's concept already not to the past so intense, the change of this kind of thinking makes the product has fashionable sex more, view and admire a gender, economic performance, also have innovation more gender and contend for force unexpectedly, to dress character, popularity is the most beautiful, the development of the phyletic to Pi Cao diversity that thinks square design is some closer year of development direction that come, the popular frequency of the product is accelerated, more frequent on the mutual collocation between former Pi Zhi, the wool of female of otter hare skin that 7 the beginning of the year just appear on the market is gotten, become extremely general in 8 years rise, this is female wool gets applied respect to be able to investment of skin of many otter hare is used not simply, the key is man hair is gotten also meet follow the lead of, the leather careless leading role that says 9 years from this is otter hare skin surely undoubted. On the rise of otter hare skin on dosage and price going tall is not absoluteness, can careless industry of skin of the China below the manufacturing setting of diversity allow your value out of control? The crop of otter hare skin of Chinese home is the biggest safeguard! The manufacturing form that civilian changes is the fountainhead place that former skin price won't rise too quickly!

2, racoon dog skin won't rise too quickly

To broad small breed aquatics of China owner is told, perhaps be 8 years to have what expectation is worth most. China is the country that the amount to on the world does not produce racoon dog skin more, what racoon dog skin fed it is relevant from personnel of course of study, low of 7 years makes skinner of —— of Chinese peculiar crowd looks in the eye, once in a blue moon good luck makes Chinese skin grass current the capital of the domain collects store up for the most part go among the skin. The problem appeared now,
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