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First leather city is in Jiangsu the completion that do not have stannum
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Jiangsu saves contemporary service job priority discipline —— does not have city of leather of stannic east international will at official on October 1 start business, it is I save first leather major big market.

City of Oriental international leather total floor area 300 thousand square metre, bag of outfit of cent fur, skin, box, shoe kind in all goods of 4 kinds of big leather, many 400 businessman that already attracted and other places of Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong at present is entered halt, management famous brand has slave of Hua Lun day, guest to spend, car of fox of the king of beasts, Jin Dun, gold, lord. It is reported, leather city has not been had city tourism bureau appoints stannum to lie fallow to nod shopping market ” surely for “ travel, the good place that becomes Lai Xiyou to travel objectively solely. After waiting for the market to mature, leather city anticipates day person discharge will exceed 10 thousand person.

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