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30 projects sign division of clothing of bag of box of the 7th white channel to
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In Baoding of new Heibei net on September 25 report (reporter Lv Zihao) fall season, great achievements again and again. On September 19 afternoon at 3 o'clock, 30 projects of ” of city of hot spring of form sediment of · Bai Yang just represented “ white channel to hold the royal lot that always invests 6.7 billion yuan to arrange a ceremony in white channel guesthouse.

Li Dai of deputy director general of bureau of business affairs of city of Song Taiping of secretary of Baoding municipal Party committee, Baoding, white channel party of city of hot spring of form sediment of · Bai Yang is versed in appoint vice secretary, canal appoint conference chairman holds Liu Jinlong of secretary of male county county Party committee concurrently, chinese model assist synthetic leather only appoint meeting vice-chairman, Zhejiang saves model assist Zheng Guochun of chairman of chamber of commerce of synthetic leather of city of standing vice-chairman, Wen Zhou,

According to introducing, after ” of city of hot spring of form sediment of · Bai Yang started “ white channel 2008, the city builds change with each passing day, the market builds a new force suddenly rises, industrial development momentum is powerful, project construction result is satisfactory. Garden of Hai Xin textile industry, Korea luck high content of garden of synthetic leather industry, meaning flows deserve to send center, Jing Tao view of product line of box bag product, Hong Kong with respect to dress of lion of industrial garden, stone machine of CT of industry of region of garden of complementary makings industry, new season, Xin arranges goods of for military use, always invest six billion seven hundred million four hundred thousand yuan. Among them industrial project 20, always invest 4.152 billion yuan; Infrastructure project 6, always invest one billion six hundred and seventy-eight million four hundred thousand yuan; Integrated community project 4, always invest 870 million yuan.

Analytic personage says, heavy business kisses the culture details of business, advantageous investment climate and brand-new development concept, make city of hot spring of form sediment of · Bai Yang becomes white channel to heat up earth for good investment. A batch of companies that have particular actual strength and big project in succession settle is protected east second center city. Always invest 30 6.7 billion yuan big projects in what this autograph makes an appointment with, indicate the capital attraction of a white channel and city of hot spring of white foreign form sediment and project are built, boosted new development level to class from dimensions, be sure strong drive guarantee benefit of the east longitude board piece rapid development, produce major effect to region economy progress. (Be over)
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