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Dongguan break out of an encirclement: Ben sentences the difficult when? is spe
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Clang clangs 4 people talk (quick Yu Sai, be brave in argue)

——— Dongguan break out of an encirclement

Editor's note: “ Guangdong sets out again ——— sees Pearl River from Dongguan break out of an encirclement east bank economy belt upgrades ” forum has reached ” of consensus of “ Song Shanhu, that is to be in upgrade in the process, “ market is dominant, the government does service ” , but consensus does not end at this point on behalf of the controversy, we need more voice, the difficult when how is governmental industry spent in all, stimulate argue still continueing ———

Brand, high-tech whether “ upgrades ”

Meaningful (our newspaper reporter) : Wu Jinglian says on this second forum: “ upgrades ” wants an enterprise to make money more namely, so simple. Upgrade may not is about to make a brand, development high-tech also may not upgrades namely. Do you agree with this view? How do you think the enterprise just calculates upgrade?

Topaz (and south university economics fastens a doctoral student) : I agree not completely old view. Making money is the main purpose of the enterprise, this nods truly, crucial question is, how can you allow money of industry much gain? Doing high-tech of brand, development is two kinds of when make an enterprise much make money main measures, how can you be upgrade? I feel to do brand and development high-tech is two kinds of when the industry upgrades main measures, but not be all. Still have other way, the “ that often speaks of upgrades ” wants an enterprise to make money more namely, should consider from this respect. No matter alleged “ is black cat white cat, holding rat is good cat ” . From the point of long-term development strategy of the country, doing brand and development high-tech is a country upgrades in the industry the main content of the respect, specific reach an industry, upgrading should be an enterprise a kind to the add watch is high share in industrial catenary outspread, for instance the brand is mixed high-tech, photograph comparing production link, it is the add watch is high share in industrial catenary, so, if the enterprise is in,did brand and development high-tech respect to obtain result, be an enterprise not only upgrade, also be the upgrading on industry of a nation.

Zheng Yu Chuan (when criticize an author) : The financial security of the enterprise reachs accrual, it is the thing that enterprise, partner, employee cares most for certain, whether the brand is managed, it is the means method problem that the company profits only, without the cent with advanced perhaps and backward relative superiority or inferiority. But I feel, the forum speech that ought to understand Professor Wu thoroughly is true justice, not be to say industry employer is known only it is OK to make money, do not say the brand is changed and high-tech itself is a fault more, a few words that if is taking Professor Wu manages means to defend for backward production, it is very funny.
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