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Plastic bag bagging is bringing zoology disaster to big city
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Decreasing in western country when producing plastic bag bagging, russia wraps bagging to this kind use increasing ceaselessly however. The count that place of meeting of committee of safety of Russian Federation of the beginning of the year makes this year shows, poisonous rubbish already exceeded Russia the growth rate of gross domestic product. Only Muscovite city can make 5.5 million tons of rubbish every year, among them 7% to the rubbish of 9% it is plastic bag bagging. Plastic bag bagging, plastic bottle and last these 3 kinds of rubbish take film in all 40% of life rubbish.

Plastic bag bagging falls in natural condition actually indecomposable, still can release toxic substance when combustion. The Russian had experienced the consequence that these toxicant cause character. The data that provides according to World Health Organization shows, because the environment is polluted and the Russian that has 20% every year catchs ill death.

The flying growth that plastic bag bagging produces is in a lot of sides offer plastic bag bagging freely to concern to the client with those large supermarkets. The client is not take a polybag only, however one take a lot of, ground of client one is assured and bold with justice thinks: Use in Home “ get on this kind to wrap bagging. ”

Zoology expert says: “ Russia is encouraging manufacturing polybag actually, and western any country won't be done so. In western country people him need spends money to buy plastic bag bagging. They encourage more moment people is used can repeat use bag for many times. The mainest is people understands a reason: Him since of the environmental protection bag that pack with real choice is in to protect an environment make contribution, also can protect the life of oneself and others. ”

" new Izvestia " say, although Russia uses plastic bag the situation of bagging is very general, but the production of the environmental protection bag that pack will begin develop in Russia. For example, sanket city preparation began end in September the plastic bag bagging that production can decompose automatically, plastic bag bagging of production will enter Sanket town each food stores. These packing bag after 3 years two will decompose one depression water automatically.

Still not be clear about temporarily, the requirement that includes bagging to this kind of environmental protection can be achieved much taller, the cost that should know this kind has the plastic bag bagging that adds part will rise 30% . All clients this idea of industry of city of approve of Sanket. The society that has according to not long ago investigates a data to show, the Russian preparation that has 82% rejects to use what cannot decompose automatically to get together definitely for zoology safety plastic bag bagging.

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