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Branch of countrywide slide fastener changes a Fujian board unit to add reach 9
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Report from our correspondent (Lai Wenjing of reporter Lin Lubo's trainee) the branch of slide fastener of association of Chinese hardware products that went in Jin Jiangju a few days ago on forum of 5 general meeting and height of Chinese slide fastener, slide fastener chapter is new list of member of a board gives heat, 66 enterprises become board member. Classics election, fujian watersides allow director of chapter of slide fastener of be reappointed consecutively of group president Shi Nenghui one duty.

Branch of slide fastener of association of Chinese hardware products is the national level association of only of industry of Chinese slide fastener, unit of member of existing whole nation more than 500. Limited company of weaving of slide fastener of Jin Jiangxin Xin first selected board unit, so far, measure of industry of the Fujian Province in unit of board of slide fastener branch increases 9.

What differ with in former years is, the YKK of Japan of slide fastener manufacturer with the greatest whole world sends ginseng to sum the meeting first, the old that reflected industry of this world slide fastener begins to treat the fact that industry of Chinese slide fastener rises seriously.

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