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Plastic shopping bag percent of pass only 6 into
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“ is restricted model makes after ” is carried out, is consumer paid is those who use plastic shopping bag quality after all how? One when Shanghai announces 2 days selectives examination to show as a result, plastic shopping bag quality nots allow hopeful, percent of pass only 6 into the left and right sides.

As we have learned, supervisory branch of Shanghai quality technology selectived examination in all of 46 batch plastic shopping bag product. Detect via professional orgnaization, have the product off quality of 17 batch, whole selectives examination percent of pass is 63 % . Among them, many plastic the “ of shopping bag falls ”“ of darts concussion experiment carries lift up or let down with a rope experiment ” is unqualified. These shopping bag once bear hold a heavy thing, very easy burst.

In addition, according to relative standard regulation, plastic shopping bag should tag “ to be protective environment and resource, use ”“ to wait for danger to avoid and prevent to choke for many times please, be far from the environmental protection such as infant ” and safe statement please. But in selectiving examination, those who have 8 batch is plastic shopping bag lacks environmental protection statement, safe statement and admonitory signal, perhaps did not tag bearing model of weight, norms.

Quality technology supervises a branch to express, consumer should advertent and plastic the label of shopping bag, choose to imprint as far as possible have but degradation, can reclaim the shopping bag that recycle indicates. In the meantime, the polybag of the food such as full-dress fruit, vegetable, raw meat, cooked food, still ought to “ food uses ”“ QS (quality is safe) the mark such as ” .

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