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Course of study of gift of China of world economy concussion expects to upgrade
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World economy is in concussion period, industry of Chinese gift toy encounters cold current euqally with a lot of industries. Grim challenge makes industry transition upgrade carry fast, developed strategy of new technology of new market, research and development, executive brand to wait for the popular task of company of instantly China gift, toy.

Will at October 24 days are in Shenzhen to be able to exhibit the “ that the center holds to 27 days the 16th China (Shenzhen) international toy and gift exhibition ” , rate is advanced went to ego is adjusted and be perfected, provide the interactive platform that communicates collaboration for the industry thereby, help enterprise finds the integrated solution that answers difficulty.

It is with the toy exemple, come this year in July, chinese toy exports 4.18 billion dollar, grow 2.1% only, amplitude compared to the same period fall after a rise 22.4 percent. China is country of production of the greatest gift on the world, toy and exit country, but long-term since the phase that is versed in at era, of brand, technology and additional cost be short of break caused company profit scanty, be in industrial catenary most end end, beat back calls ability the most fragile.

Already holding Shenzhen gift of 16 years to exhibit is to accompany Chinese gift course of study to grow together rise, its sponsor Fang Li to exhibit Jiang Chengwen of China rich president to express: “ this is not the industry faces dilemma for the first time, 90 time metaphase has had the century on large-scale industry is adjusted, this year basically is to suffer the influence of global big environment to bring about an industry to become this rising integratedly nearly 20% , impose Euramerican market requirement fatigued and weak, because this develops new business chance, consolidate old market appears particularly important. ”

Enter autumn, christmas gift, toy is purchased lifted a small climax, because go up to guard a pass strictly in quality, the Christmas order of a lot of enterprises grows somewhat than in former years. Elise expresses · of Lai En of cloth of chairman of union of European toy industry: “ Europe consumer can be at ease completely the toy that China of choose and buy makes. ” not only it is abroad, home market potential is very great also, for instance hotel industry, because,choosing China to make is not only good in quality and cheap in price, of new model new technology using talent is crucial.

Industry of Chinese gift toy will be in hind Olympic Games times welcomes new development and challenge, shenzhen gift exhibits the innovation that had many sides for this, internally, perfect service runs a system; External, buy the home actively for enterprise contact, aid its dredge channel. Especially as authoritative as the industry medium " toy world " collaboration sets a toy first only after the house, qualitative breakthrough achieved in dimensions respect, the area will break through field first 90 thousand square metre, house of 7 big functions spins gift of include toy, pottery and porcelain, handicraft, business affairs, home wrapping of household, box to provide wait for product of sell like hot cakes.
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