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Chinese box bag exports an industry to undertake quality safety grooms against a
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Xinhua net Hangzhou on September 19 report (ReporterJiang Xufeng) China is light industrial chamber of commerce of handicraft imports and exports (light industrial chamber of commerce of imports and exports) in Zhejiang 19 days smooth lake city was held " manual of safety of quality of exit box bag "Groom, nearly 100 come from Chinese each landlord to want box to wrapped the controller that produces a business and exporter to attend to groom.

Light industrial chamber of commerce of imports and exportsBox bagBranch secretary-general Huang Daqi says, this is this industry first time holds wholesale outlet product safety quality grooms, the purpose is to help Chinese box wrap export business to get used to an international market better safe to quality, zoologyEnvironmental protectionStrict requirement of the standard. She expresses, although Chinese box includes export,the industry has not appeared big quality question, but ” of fire prevention of product quality “ excels ” of “ fire fighting.

It is reported, this manual in all 12 chapter, supervise by quality of Chinese Department of Commerce, nation examine quarantine total bureau, light industrial chamber of commerce of imports and exports organizes an industry jointlyExpertCost close half an year to time is written and be become, the technical orgnaization introduction that code of technology of main goal market, domestic and international box includes to wrap product quality safety to concern box standard deviation different, domestic and internationally to the bag detects and study among, answer technical the economic news such as the measure proposal of trade barrier.
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