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Had taken care of your Xiaopi to provide
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Had taken care of your Xiaopi to provide

Expert brief introduction: Xue Ruixia, currently hold the post ofMaria·President of division of Gu Qi China, joined in 1993 Maria·Gu Qi company is in charge of Asian area business developing, guide Maria·Gu Qi (MARJA KURKI) the brand enters Chinese market, already made world famous brand at present. Deserve to act the role of to men's clothing have research quite, it is the man deserves to act the role of use reach maintain expert.

As life quality rise, more and more commerce men begin to notice to maintain oneself leather shoes, coriaceous portfolio, but to purse, calling card small skin such as clip is provided however often scanty at doing. The professional cravat that comes from boreal Europe and filar towel brand Maria·Gu Qi (MARJA KURKI) has become the world's famous vogue to deserve to act the role of a brand at present. We are special invited Maliya·President of division of Gu Qi China Ms. Xue Ruixia, with conversational form, communicate the proposal of this fashionable expert everybody, the hope can help everybody had taken care of him Xiaopi to provide better.

EL: Is purse, calling card placed even what is the key discounts small such significance that deserves to act the role of men of pair of a commerce?

Xue: The more petty thing can show host to whether note life quality more. A good purse can have taken care of you all bank card, cash, so need chooses suitable dimension, reasonable store. Calling card clip is business affairs circumstance is important deserve to act the role of, it is you show the first jewelry that give before business affairs associate almost, should note its quality especially so.

EL: How should commerce man choose suitable purse? Xue: At ordinary times the purse component that the man uses is two kinds: One kind is quadrate, in the bag that is put at the back of trousers; Another kind is a rectangle, put in business suit pocket. The skin that some men like to use a few individuation is provided regard as purse, for instance passport clip, viatic fund mix is waited a moment. Choosing these small skins to have an important principle is coriaceous and certain be close friends. Additional, the man's billfold avoids overmuch adornment as far as possible, for instance the metal is buckled, go all out coriaceous etc, overmuch ornamental can give a person Nancy impression.

Had taken care of your Xiaopi to provide
Clean and neat Xiaopi is provided can bring person occupational figure

EL: The commerce man with busy job often does not have time to take care of these small skins to provide, what to have to maintain simply method?

Xue: After touching water with clean towel, twist dry, repeat a few times undertake light mop, once a week good. What want an alternative only actually is coriaceous good, xiaopi has leather time longer can have a feeling more. Otherwise, if Xiaopi is provided,the head layer skin that uses concentration is not made, change very easily form, mouth, fade, want to do again at that time late, can change only new.
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