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Without spin hop-pocket cannot degradation is oppugned not environmental protect
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The expert expresses, although cannot degradation but can repeat using still is environmental protection

Like spinning hop-pocket and polybag, notting have is plastic products, accordingly also not environmental protection? When just when more and more citizens choose to will be not had,spinning hop-pocket to serve as the substitute of polybag, a few people offerred a such point of views. The reporter understands, having the bases that spins hop-pocket is polypropylene or polyester, these high polymer polymer cannot be really inside short time degradation. But also the expert expresses, whether but degradation is not the exclusive level that measures environmental protection bag. Do not have those who spin cloth to be able to repeat use characteristic to still decide it is environmental protection. “ polybag and having the part that spins hop-pocket is the plastic product that makes with high polymer polymer. Because this comes from material property,saying is same. Chemical industry of chemistry of ” Qingdao university and Dong Chaogong of environmental college associate professor tell a reporter. She says, the polypropylene, polyester high polymer that extracts from inside oil, degradation is little need a few months, need time a few years more. Accordingly she thinks: “ never but in light of the angle of degradation, without spinning hop-pocket is not of environmental protection. ”

Plastic second birth uses association of Chinese plastic treatment Dong Jinshi of professional committee vice-chairman tells a reporter, stem from the consideration of tough sex and wear, now on market common without spinning hop-pocket is not to add smooth degradation agent mostly. But he expresses: “ is not had spin hop-pocket to be able to repeat use, remain environmental protection accordingly. The ”“ definition to environmental protection bag is not with but degradation serves as inevitable requirement, OK still from repeat use angle to consider. ” Dong Jinshi says, on ply, without spinning cloth is polybag is severalfold; On workmanship, what polybag uses is the craft that blow model, and having those who spin cloth to use is gush model craft. These make without spin hop-pocket to want to bear fruit than polybag a lot of. In the meantime, make without the polyester composition in spinning cloth it facilitates clean, more benefit is used at repeating.

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