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Box is wrapped advocate makings knowledge
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Stock kind quality observation

Cloth reachs li of cloth: Multi-purpose at the bag bag is exterior the material that reachs interior. The surface: Cloth cannot have drawwork, the stripe of gauze wants clear and color is consistent and even, the horizontal straight grain of gauze number wants enough, ply to want to quite still gauze wants straight (usable measure measuring implement to check) ; Glue bottom: Stick gum firm won't degum bottom, glue bottom won't rise white (after been catch with the hand, won't rise white, hold former glue impression) ; Get power: With direction of horizontal straight grain amalgamative car good tug won't split afterwards. Colored stock should notice to whether have consolidate quality at the same time, special phenomenon of coloring of easier to colourful color generation, match colors is bad to arrived finished product discovers everything is late already!

Bubble cotton reachs sponge: Multi-purpose the cloth at bag bag and in between cloth, making good bag bag is to cannot see. Basically see large base and density enough (whether does one square have ample weight) . Good cotton is bouncy, pull open not easily.

Network feed: Want bouncy, it is good to get power, pull not easily, did not break gauze phenomenon.

Knit belt: Knit the belt is a lot of more phyletic, if grain of tabby, microgroove, hole is waited a moment, but of every kinds of different specifications knit carry the weight that has a level. Both sides reason sees outside whether smooth, surface is even, not cottony, not drawwork, not the phenomenon such as coloring.

Slide fastener: La catenary cloth and the character that pull a head basically distinguishs with class: Be like grade of A, B, C, more forward level quality is better. Standards distinguishs with volume number: Be like 3, 5, the 8 date, 10 big trumpet such as date, several bigger norms also exceed number big. And the weight that the slide fastener of every kinds of norms has a level, weight also is the key of character. Will see main attention outside: When pulling, want smooth, won't have play not suitable feeling, the sound when pulling also is not very loud and clear, usable hand unplugs slide fastener ages not easy also pop, and pull a head to divide besides the branch that also has big, little ground, pull head and pull piece between pull open not easily also, pull piece should firm, pull open not easily, be out of shape wait for a phenomenon, colored slide fastener should notice to whether have consolidate chroma level at the same time. Lest produce coloring easily with fabrics phenomenal general consequence is serious.

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