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Portfolio letting muntjac looks brand-new
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The chamois that buys newly is wrapped, as long as beforehand with appropriative waterproof gush agent undertakes handling in the round first, basically can maintain chamois is avoided at sufferring the effect of besmirch or water, hold the gentle tactile impression of coriaceous itself.

As to maintain usually, after if can be in,be being used every time, brush with appropriative wool brush leather face gently, can the dirt that place of purify leather surface is infected with and bilge. In case if use,create sweat sludge or smudgy, can choose appropriative chamois eradicator to wipe; Finally, if want to restore chamois originally bright the word of beautiful colour and burnish, can choose agent of gush of appropriative bright color to spray the surface that include a package, wait for dry hind arrange with the brush again brush hair can.

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