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From be in China market of foreign capital enterprise, capital, CPI, to oil price, these days the heavyweight personage that we invited bounds of many international finance and economics, political circles, to China problem of a lot of heat undertook thorough analysis first half of the year, hope their observation, can help us use more the eye of internationalization, globalization, the condition with current economy of look upon China.

Today our topic is an a vainglorious title that pride deserves most among Chinese economy: China is made. The consumer in a lot of countries looks, china is made is cheap and fine pronoun almost, cap of the dress that China produces, shoe, toy, small home appliance, a lot of half of country that held global market, however, company of a lot of manufacturing industry went a crossroad between one night it seems that now, live or die, became their hard choice.

Enterprise of Chinese manufacturing industry is faced with live tremendously pressure

Once, low manpower cost, favourable policy and powerful process capability make China creates the backbone force that becomes advanced position of world manufacturing industry, however, some closer year come, china is made suffer a setback again and again however.

Quality problem, again and again recall

Deng Jinkun is the general manager of company of toy of Guangdong Dongguan original fun, start as Dongguan prior toy factory, his company once had many 60 product, the country such as popular Denmark, United States, Russia the market, however, it is this he worked hard 20 old companies, go bankrupt because of difficulty of capital have enough to meet need before a few months however.

Deng Jinkun of general manager of company of toy of Dongguan city original fun: “ does not have method later, be not done, without capital, whats are lacked, my son daughter says later, did not work, calculated such, I sell even this estate entirely. ”

Cause the immediate cause that fun toy company goes broke, it is the world the recall incident of company of beautiful peaceful of United States of —— of business of the biggest toy, because partial toy magnet falls off easily to contain lead with coating,measure the recall that exceeds mark to cause this to involve 21 million products in all, hundreds toy company is affected, guangdong is the world's largest toy production base, the toy crop of Dongguan is occupied is more went to whole Guangdong 60% the left and right sides, but current condition is, certain business decreases considerably because of order, capital catenary ruptures to had been managed hard go down.

Dongguan city breaths out president of generation toy plant to be like a forest: “ with respect to last chapel, our Dongguan has 5 bigger toy companies to close again and again at least close down. ”

After recall incident happens, chinese government is right already all Guangdong toys exported an enterprise to undertake clearing, several a hunderd schools because the hidden danger of product presence safety, business that contains harmful material or quality to close nevertheless is cancelled to produce licence even by suspensive exit, the Chinese toy that this one incident gives all pursueing to be able to make the world at low makes an enterprise ring alarm bell noisy.
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