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Box wraps slide fastener knowledge
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The lacquer that bake pulls a head: The mouth is wide 4.35mm mouth tall 1.85mm

Average band is applicable thick fabrics; Bud is lacy and applicable thin fabrics.

Common on stop: Advantage: Yield is high (adjustable fast) ; Defect: Stop not to play a root sometimes on

U on stop: Advantage: Stop on can play a root, applicable requirement pulls the dress of the root; Defect: Yield is low, 4000 / 8 hours.

Bring about 3 # easily invisible the element of slide fastener defective goods:

Bolo is curved; Decide Cun Shimi tooth to add up to ministry appreciably to have gash, cause next stopping not to solder to reach the designated position, go up jointly stop to also bare Mi tooth, such getting on stop easy fall off; Be the first have accident; Insurance is not had after the course that pull a head bakes lacquer.

2.Slide fastener of 3 # nylon

Combine 2.00 0.05mm of ply of 2.65 0.03 of Chan Kuan of width 4.15 0.05

The mouth that pull a head is tall: 2.05-2.15 pulls head mouth wide: 4.2-4.25

Shut remaining part:

Calm inch when do not need to divide Mi of on any account, reason sometimes adjustable the head leaves; Hit next stopping sometimes density of cloth edge abb slants phenomenon of loose easy occurrence reel off raw silk from cocoons, the influence is beautiful, had better be in next stopping the cloth inside width limits takes decorative pattern to use on one one texture, such issueing stop penetrable cloth takes not easy reel off raw silk from cocoons; The position stops to must assure to make the same score on neat, be the first before 2.2mm, be the first after 1.8mm, code of the around that note model is the first should assure 4.0mm

Open remaining part:

Calm inch it is more difficult to choose tine, because the tooth is apart from smaller (1.2mm) reason had better choose fixed code to install, right insert left tall right low, need manual Xiu Mi, supersonic half Mi overwhelms, leg of two side belt distributings even, and cover line is ceaseless, stiletto cloth length of foot makes an appointment with 8mm, the rate that when pressing diamonds bolt, pulls shoulds not be too fast, both sides exerts oneself to do sth. even and pull reach the designated position, press closes to must act well slow, such moulds damage not easily, pressure turns by high pressure for low pressure, undertake slow involve a model, next high-pressured movement pressure turns by low pressure for high pressure, undertake high pressure locks up a model, two inductions switch differs 20mm is controlled can, because ply of 3 # nylon is thinner, difference of movement of reason induction switch is lesser, taller to adjusting inductive switch position to ask, specific adjust a method: When slide fastener sky lamp of switch of the induction when archives shines, take part of tower above of tooth of slide fastener Mi, inductive staff action, inductive switch lamp destroys, angle be pressed below the needle, tick off the aperture that sticks cloth to add up to Mi tooth to reach the designated position rush down.
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