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REACH code introduces
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REACH is Registration, evaluation, the abbreviate of Authorisation And Restriction Of Chemicals, chinese interpret is registered for chemical material, evaluate, accredit and limitation, a code that is an European Union (Regulation) , also regard it as the European Union proposed law of new chemical policy in a few report at present. This code was passed on December 18, 2006, and at formal on June 1, 2007 go into effect.

The item with main REACH is the protection that promotes pair of mankind health and environment, spare the harm of chemical, enhance the competition ability of industry of European Union chemistry. Show besides, REACH replaced an European Union original the instruction of 40 multinomial concerned chemical and code, the chemical that go up to European Union market and enters European Union market asks compulsively to register, evaluate and accredit, carry out safe monitoring.

The range that REACH code covers is quite wide, include the product such as line of business of electric machinery, electron, home appliance, spin, dress, shoe, toy, car, pharmacy, involved chemical matter has 30 thousand kinds about. Label tall care substance among them, call poisonous, harmful material to have more than 1000 kinds about commonly namely. Accordingly, be as high as 5 million kinds by the product estimation of the influence. 30 thousand kinds of these chemical material, will be in future inside 11 years (namely before June 1, 2018) , will undertake chemical material is registered, evaluate, the program of accredit and limitation.

Will register beforehand at undertaking on June 1, 2008 at present (Pre-registration) phase, time comes to stopped on November 30, 2008. About the pertinent information that registers beforehand, can guide to announce of policy of European Union new chemical information network (the code introduction column of Http://www.chemnet.com.tw/reach/) , REACH of policy of new chemical of download ” European Union registers one article of 5W” to consult beforehand.

Enterprise how because answer the requirement of REACH code, can consider the following move:

Above all, the enterprise must collect the data of the activity that with the report its and chemical concern, the flow direction of all sorts of the physico-chemical property that includes this chemical, parameter, different on industrial catenary link and utility.
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