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Digital shape confuses style of colour Oxford cloth novel go situation gradually
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Famous city of << China weaving >> Zhejiang fine the cloth of of all kinds Oxford that promotes Wang Jiang short for the Jinghe River to press down southern market to go up takes situation investigation, from a variety of sales evidence makes clear, should the shape of a number of city confuses colour Oxford cloth with the style novel, get the close attention of merchant of north and south fully, already became each district traveling trader advocate choose fabrics, its sale already cut a figure.

This fabrics norms is 900D*900D, weaving craft uses tabby to be become in craft of gush water weaving. After shape of grey classics number confuses color printing, can ask to undertake different aftertreatment according to the guest, like PVC, fight infrared ray, fight ultraviolet ray, TEFLON to wait. Fabrics door for 150cm, show the market to approve valence to be 12 yuan / rice is left. Digital shape confuses colour Oxford cloth to basically be used at box to wrap fabrics and special for military use to taste fabrics. Manage ” of boss of “ of this kind of fabrics to tell a reporter according to the market, product should after city, the box of the city such as Beijing, Shandong, Shanghai, Changshu, Wuhan, justice bird includes manufacturer home thick as hail want money, its sell flourishing condition to still will hold period of time.

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