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Yiduboxi (Hong Kong) international limited company
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20 century 30 time, the European smoke of gunpowder in those days diffuses, diverse and confused of chaos caused by war, leather handiwork actor of Europe emerges to Italian Paduowa to press down … in succession…Patriarch Enoch one's previous experience at old and well-known family of Milanese city noble, but decline of unfortunate family financial situation, resent 10 years old to be about to press down epithelial artisan shop to chare. Come more than 10 years, shop job strain is onerous, ke Yinuo is overcome however not dread pains, the study portfolio of eagerly is made and design, he dreams to be able to initiate a reputation one day far sowed skin has store, heavy brace up familial hero wind. What differ with Enoch is, elisa comes from Foluolunsa, although in the home rich and rich, but she does not wish to accede father's business, provide to the skin however have a special liking. Sacred clever arrangement makes their in pairs meets unexpectedly, and joint pursuit makes their each other gives birth to a sincere feeling, went one case. Later, enoch and Elisa initiate the home of his shop ——“e-Both” eventually, the wonderful combination of meaning of inn name analogy Yi and wife, in order to commemorate their deep love. Act on “ to creat life dream, initiate the core concept of glamour life ” , their husband sings Fu to follow, make concerted efforts, hand in hand side-by-side —— is in shirt-sleeve after the design concept of two people, the product abided by “ the design style of exalted, elegance, enthusiastic ” . Rich brand connotation and masterly traditional craft, make the product just came out, won the deep love of local youth men and women, since half many century, enjoy great reputation all the time.

Management property: Type of production
Industry classification: Other, female bag (bag)
Scope of operations: Vanity, box bag, leather shoes, leather belt, fur clothing, leather goods

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