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Limited company of Shanghai Sha Chi dress
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2001, limited company of Shanghai Sha Chi dress becomes Satchi the China of brand of advanced men's clothing always acts as agent. The company is design center with meaning firm profit, with the whole world certain proportional Italy imports supplier of top class fabrics completely hand-me-down and fittings. In the meantime, depend on the insight of acumen of market of men's clothing of advanced to China business affairs, use pattern of international brand operation, build powerful top class market to open nearly 200 shop or brand shop, sale shows geometrical class to increase by degrees, course of study of brand of Sha Chi men's clothing already became China to have one of brands of advanced men's clothing that contend for force unexpectedly most.
On the foundation that in management Sha Chi brand of advanced men's clothing succeeds, the company strides to the direction of brand collectivize, held water early or late 100 million in getting jewelry company and Shanghai gallop dress limited company.

Management property: Type of production
Industry classification: Female bag (bag) , portable (box bag bag)
Scope of operations: Dress, box bag

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