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Accept of Guangzhou city treasure is industrial limited company
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Accept of Guangzhou city treasure is industrial limited company is development of design of a collect, production, sale, service have brand major company at the Italian skin of an organic whole, moxa 詩 蘭 overcomes “ of the brand below company division ” (Excelente) product fixed position at medium high-grade, the target consumes a group to be: Big in official of the white-collar of urban good-paying, state and successful personage. The product is consistent with practical with achieve formerly, picked as occupational as the style of distinctive Western Europe with long constant market. The product of the company's powerful product development capacity, strict leather makings choice, masterly craft, whole journey examines reach perfect after service, already left good reputation in consumer memory.
The company passes development of nearly 10 years, ” of gram of 蘭 of “ moxa 詩 is won in the whole nation good famous spend and consequence, wait in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Urumqi in succession big in a kind of bazaar of the city establishs brand shop and shop, the product sells as far as to country and the area such as Russia, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan. To retain a firm powerful product develops ability, person of company fixed group begins business collaboration and study of view and emulate to and other places of France, Italy, Spain, absorb element of the vogue of city of European skin sign one's name, tide ceaselessly, take the lead in announcing prospective tide, also invite foreign expert to make instructor to my factory. The company built abroad to purchase a center, the skin expects the Italian tree that chooses a simple sense creams skin and Spanish nature throw cowhide, at the same time hardware uses high-grade Euramerican and popular a replacement. The company abides by skin of traditional Western Europe to have design color, apply western tradition to make craft make each fashionable product meticulously for the client.
At present the company already built good battalion carry platform and sale group, hold to consistent international brand to run the strategy, the “ Western Europe with particular product recreational ” style serves as brand development to be dominant, devote oneself to to offer international for broad consumer ceaselessly the fashionable experience that top-ranking skin has a brand.
GuangZhou BaoNa Leather Company Is A Professional ItalianLeather Manufacturer Mainly Engaged In The Design, production, sales And Maintenance Of Leather Poroducts. It Holds The Brand Of “excelente”That Was Registered In Italy In 1995. The “excelente”Product Is Targeted At The Upper Society Of The White-collars In Big Or Medium City With High Income, the Government Officers And The Other Successful Personnel. Over Eight Years’Effort Enabled Excelente To Occupy The Market With Its Unique Feature Of Practical Function Together With Original Design, credible Quality With Constant Western European Style. Meanwhile, the “excelente”Brand Has Also Acquired Good Reputation From Consumers By Its Strong Product Developing Ability, aborative Leather Raw Material Selection, exquisite Handicraft, overall Quality Control And The Satisfactory After-sales Service.
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