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Skin of Zhongshan imperial crown limited company
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Creation rings praise the brand of the world, the cautious and conscientious of product profit from of marketing whole world, excelsior, way that changes commodity to be art.

Imperial crown company sets imperial crown of development company, Chongqing to build bowling of development company, imperial crown except Ming Changjian of company of company of imperial crown of Chongqing holding battalion concurrently, Chengdu champion of house, Zhongshan is plastic outside the company such as limited company, the Zhongshan Roger that imperial crown investment establishs is quantified environmental protection of development of major of limited company of plastic science and technology, production, avirulently, gently new-style and plastic---TPE, in the new century that appeals ” of “ green peace in this, TPE is new-style and plastic no matter be,be sure to be become with its distinct advantage in daily life and production get generation coquettish plastic bestow favor on newly. And as joint-stock as Japan the “ Zhongshan that hold water 3 coronals skin limited company ” is for imperial crown in box bag industry steadily development and the joy that bring more life to go up for social masses and advantage were offerred better assure.

Management property: Type of production
Industry classification: Archives (box wraps bag of) , press 扞 case, press 扞 case, female bag (bag) , journey (box wraps bag of) , motion (box wraps bag of) , aviation box, book (bag bag) , pocket (bag) , make up (box bag bag)
Scope of operations: Produce package of box of cloth of ABS, P.P, Oxford----Box of viatic box, pull rod box, file, slide fastener, make up

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