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Skin of Zhongshan imperial crown limited company
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The Asia's biggest box package produces base----Skin of Zhongshan imperial crown limited company, be by skin of Taiwan imperial crown industrial Inc. is get used to demand of chinese mainland market, save 3 villages and towns of Zhongshan city at founding Yu Andong 1992. In box bag production respect has 50 old rich experience, each product all reachs Europe by Japan, United States each famous stylist design, obtain world patent, no matter the exterior is designed or reason product is character all says the world is top-ranking very.

The company introduces number from Japan the stage is large full automatic shoot a forming machine, vacuum forming machine, form giant scale of production, year bag of box of cloth of manufacturing ABS, P.P, Oxford----Box of viatic box, pull rod box, file, slide fastener, make up box, knapsack, pocket, step the viatic articles for use such as the bag 2 million above, the “ box that forms a be worthy of the name wraps regnal ” . And with achieving ” of card of brand “ imperial crown oneself, ” of “ Roger card obtains international to register, the company's good management and character obtain attestation of ISO9002 of British BSI company, make relax name the well-known trademark of the world. Product sale is divided in home each are big city outside site of 300 many sales, export the United States, Canada, England, France, Italy, Japan. Middle east. The 100 many countries such as southeast Asia and area. The product does not accept world each district the influence of any natural conditions, form a giant sale network.

“ quality is life, the client is company of sacred ” imperial crown its good product quality and perfect after service and good reputation got party and national leader, all circles knows a personage to pay close attention to eagerly. Equipment of Qing Dynasty of Qian Jichen, Li Lan, Song Ping, Yang Rudai, Tang Shu, ever made an on-the-spot investigation to imperial crown company for many times. What author of imperial crown company gets Pal Jiang Zemin in the United States is kind interview. Imperial crown company is granted “ state by country and various government early or late enterprise of foreign capital of China of ” of ” of 2 stage business, enterprise of “ double actor, “ the multinomial honorary title such as ” of enterprise of double A of 100 strong ” , “ . 14 thirteenth, Asia Games, bag of box of Olympic Games imperial crown was appointed to be exclusive and special case to wrap by Chinese sports delegacy 2000, 2008 abstruse explain appoint advanced sponsor, this is---Zhongshan imperial crown!

The development profit from of imperial crown detects perfect administrative system, scientificly the method of the product, fine employee team----Imperial crown spirit brought up the product with good imperial crown, the person that will 50 years be used by wide ambassador loves with reputably, just have what the enterprise develops today is brilliant! The times is in in development, imperial crown in transitional, society progress, case package product takes the aim that the height to human demand is imperial crown company, research and development is better, more the box bag product that human nature turns is imperial crown sustainable manage, the strong evidence that passes on a society.
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