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Aokangji is round (Aokangpi has limited company)
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Ao Kang group is located in Zhejiang lukewarm city, virgin 1988, it is one gives priority to course of study with shoemaking, and the domain such as sortie commerce real estate, biological product, cross the industry, complete countryman battalion that crosses area development 100 strong companies.
The administer below the company is domestic and international 18 stature companies and career ministry, 30 many provincial branches, many 3000 interlink the inn in brand shop and store of 800 much department. Own base of 3 big production and brand of 5 large dominant positions, existing employee 10 thousand 5 more than 1000 people. Ao Kang brand has the honor to win Chinese derma in succession the title such as product of famous brand of banner shoe king, China, well-known logo, make the mark sex brand with only industry of Chinese leather shoes. The company took the lead in passing attestation of system of ISO9001 international quality and attestation of system of ISO14001 environmental protection in the person of the same trade, the only throughout the country in making a trade first industrial travel sets an example dot.
The company carries out diversity investment, build China in hill of Chongqing a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center early or late western shoe, shopping mall of commerce of Huang Gang Ao Kang, started the strategy of shopping mall of commerce of 100 Ao Kang. Build Chengdu limited company of products of Kang Huasheng content, acquired better economic benefits and social interest. On the foundation of firm management home market, combine Italian shoe line of business the transnational corporation such as GEOX of the first brand, extend an international market jointly, make Ao Kang brand stage by stage make international brand. Aokang became Beijing formally 2007 Olympic Games skin provided a supplier 2008, will spend in Guangzhou the skin that lion mountain built 2000 much square metre provides base of research and development, production.
Career of company enthusiastic commonweal, accumulative total contributes many yuan 6700 to the society. Group president holds president Mr Wang Zhentao concurrently in entrepreneur of complete countryman battalion the first batch has the honor to win 51 labor medal of countrywide, have the honor to win China of ” of 10 old prominent young person, “ the multinomial special honour such as ” of person of outstanding ability of 10 great charm, get of national chairman Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao of premier of the State Council kind interview.
What Aokangpi provides limited company to regard Aokangpin as card diversity strategy is outspread, will assume a main job that offers high grade product and all-around consumptive experience for consumer. Our target is: Skin of the development inside 5 years has terminal door store 1000, implementation terminal sells 1 billion yuan.
Regard fashionable brand as the industry, we will be in 5—8 year domestic skin leads to provide course of study to move toward an international market in time, the profit in making way of internationalization of Ao Kang group is bit more handsome. Company and Beijing Olympic Games cooperated cheek by jowl 2008, rely on group strategy support and network of Ao Kang advantage mode of two great progress, the management policy that formulates unified brand, unified figure, uniform price, unified service, unified managing, through high-quality goods self-supporting site is mixed strong join in the terminal with complementary network is combined, join in in sufficient safeguard business is enjoyed most golden eggs redound while, drive Aokangpi to provide a brand to develop.
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