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Guangdong power leopard is industrial limited company
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Guangdong power leopard is industrial limited company is a professional production box bag is given priority to, cross the collectivize company that the industry runs. The company held water 1988, have manufacturing workshop 50000 square metre, employee 3000 more than person. Product of ” of power leopard card includes manufacturing “ : Box of journey of box of satchel of bag of gripesack, mountain-climbing, portfolio, student, knapsack, recreational bag, pocket, ABS, PP box, EVA, skin is provided wait for 11 old series, order of 2000 many money.
Product of series of ” of card of “ power leopard all uses an entrance to advanced material and high quality hardware refine and be become, the product purchases manufacturing segment to be established from raw material layer upon layer qualitative check guards a pass, just put in the market via certificate of proof. The company guided 2001 ISO9001 international quality runs a system, press systematic level operation strictly. Through innovate and be being developed ceaselessly, product of series of ” of card of “ power leopard sells as far as to country and the area such as Europe, United States, middle east, southeast Asia, Japan. ” of “ power leopard already made Chinese market well-known trademark.
Brand of ” of “ power leopard was judged to be Guangdong to save famous label in December 2003. The company is all-around 2004 guide project of CIS figure system is mixed undertake the brand is changed run, execute chain to join in shop of the inn in brand shop and inn is managed.

Management property: Type of production
Industry classification: Knapsack (bag bursa) , archives (box wraps bag of) , baggage (box wraps bag of) , female bag (bag) , journey (box wraps bag of) , motion (box wraps bag of) , portable (box bag bag)
Scope of operations: Box bag, vanity, bag bag

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